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EZZ Life Science Delivers ‘Practice And Play’ Sessions For Innovative New Hair Products

COVID has changed the way consumers shop driving many people online but according to Cecilia Lin, the marketing coordinator for leading Australian health and wellness brand, EZZ Life Science, consumers are now craving the opportunity to learn more about products in person.

“There is only so much online shopping can do in terms of understanding how to use certain products and get the most out of them,” Ms Lin said.

“When it comes to hair care, skin care and make up, while there are many generic instructional videos online on platforms like Youtube on how to manage your health and beauty regime, there is nothing like learning about a product and understanding how to use it, in person, from people who are experts in the product.

“Our feedback from our customers shows that people want to be able to practice and play with products, especially hair products, in person. They also want to learn how to get creative with them and be inspired.”

EZZ Life Science (ASX:EZZ) is a highly respected and trusted listed Australian wellness brand that produces a range of products including supplements, functional foods and hair care products. Its products are sold across Australia and overseas, stocked in leading retail outlets as well as online.

In response to feedback from EZZ Life Science’s customers, the brand officially launched its new line of hair care products in Priceline Bentleigh East in Melbourne this month.

The launch involved a new concept called ‘practice and play’ where customers were able to experience the new products in person, try them out, meet hair care experts and get advice on how to use the products day to day as part of their hair care regime.

“The launch was incredibly successful and our ‘practice and play’ session was a huge hit,” Ms Lin added.

“We want to get back to helping consumers to enjoy shopping and experiencing products in person. There is nothing like being able to try a product on your own skin and enjoy the texture, smell and feel of it. Also, meeting and chatting with hair care experts enables you to understand how to get the most out of a product.

“Our hair care experts were able to share their ideas on where to store the products, how to use them, how much product to actually use, how the products can help to restore and improve hair health and also enhance shine and manageability, making styling so much easier.

“Our hair experts demonstrated how to apply scalp scrub to the scalp and roots of wet hair before applying shampoo in order to properly cleanse the scalp to reduce dandruff. They also showed how to get the most out of the hair mask while applying it to wet hair. For the hair growth spray, they also explained why and how it should be used morning and night. They also demonstrated how to apply anti-frizz hair spray for the best results. The ‘practice and play’ session was so informative and educational.

“While we still ensured that our event was COVID safe, everyone loved it and said they would love to attend more ‘practice and play’ events.

“As a result, we are going to work more closely with our valued network of stockists to deliver more ‘practice and play’ sessions across the country.”

According to Lin, EZZ Life Science has invested significant research and development into the creation of its hair care range to ensure the products meet the needs of consumers.

“Our scientific formulations contain high quality, proven active ingredients that work together to achieve optimum results,” Lin added.

“Importantly, as a proud Australian company, we have also worked hard to source local Certified Organic natural ingredients that are also suitable for vegans. Provenance is important as products will be distributed across Australia as well as overseas, especially in Southeast Asia and North Asia, and Australian ingredients are highly valued by these markets.

“We have also paid close attention to the issue of packaging. Hair health and management issues are experienced by many people across all genders. With that in mind, we have used a neutral palette to communicate the product line as gender neutral and suitable for all consumers.”

The new line of products include EZZ Hair Scalp Scrub, EZZ Anti-frizz Hair Spray, EZZ Hair Mask and EZZ Hair Growth Spray. They are available for sale through EZZ Life Science’s range of retailers and online directly through EZZ Life Science’s ecommerce site.

EZZ Hair Scalp Scrub

EZZ Hair Scalp Scrub is designed to improve scalp health as well as address issues including dandruff and oily hair. The advanced formulation helps remove dead skin cells from the scalp, unclog pores and impurities and promote a healthier, cleaner and more nourished scalp. Key ingredients include Eucalyptus Stem Cells, Australian Sea Salt and Caffeine powder.

EZZ Anti-frizz Hair Spray

EZZ Anti-frizz Hair Spray is designed to assist in the management of frizzy hair. The product contains Australian native plant extracts, Vitamin B5, Amino Acids, Australian Certified Organic Shea Butter, Polyquarternium-7 and Antioxidants. EZZ Anti-Frizz Hair Spray aids in the control of frizz, smoothing of hair and sealing split ends.

EZZ Hair Mask

EZZ Hair Mask is designed to nourish and repair dry and damaged hair, reduce breakage and protect against weather factors. The advanced scientific formulation contains Certified Organic Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Crambisol and Definicire, to improve hair manageability, brightness and texture.

EZZ Hair Growth Spray

EZZ Hair Growth Spray is designed to support hair growth including thinning and slow growth. The unique formulation comprises Eucalyptus Stem Cells, Oligopeptides, Caffeine powder, and four types of Amino Acids. The product promotes natural hair growth by stimulating blood flow and activating cell renewal across the scalp.

About EZZ Life Science

EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited (ASX:EZZ) is a genomic life science company with a mission to improve quality of life and human health. EZZ Life Science is passionate about investing in the future of consumer health and continues to add new products to their range, with plans to cover a wide range of market segments, including vitamin and dietary supplements, sports nutrition, weight management and wellbeing, herbal/traditional products and paediatric products.


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