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Scam Warning:

Recently, our company discovered that some illegal personnel were pretending to be our employees and sending emails to some third-parties via  a domain name similar to our company to demand payment, and giving out account information that did not belong to our company.
We will never contact you by email alone to notify anyone of a change to our payment or bank account details.
Please contact the company should you be concerned about the authenticity of any email you receive from us.

About EZZ Life Science

EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited (ASX:EZZ) is a genomic life science company with a mission to improve quality of life and human health.

EZZ has a focus on genomic research and development to address four key human health challenges: genetic longevity, human papillomavirus (HPV), helicobacter pylori, and weight management.

EZZ is passionate about investing in the future of consumer health through the development of e-commerce and distribution of high-quality products via omnichannel models across Australia, New Zealand, China and worldwide.

Investor Engagement

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