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Starting A Family? Important Ways To Improve Men’s Fertility

According to Glenn Cross, chair of EZZ Life Science, overall health and wellbeing is never more important than when either starting a family or having another baby.

“When parents-to-be are in their peak health condition, it gives your baby the best start to life. While the focus has traditionally been on women to take great care in preparing their bodies for conception and pregnancy, in recent years, people are also realising the importance of men’s contribution and role,” Cross said.

EZZ Life Science (ASX:EZZ) is a highly respected and trusted listed Australian wellness brand that produces a range of products including supplements, functional foods and hair care products. Its products are sold across Australia and overseas, stocked in leading retail outlets as well as online.

Cross has outlined his top tips on how men can improve their fertility.

Maintain good general health

“Lifestyle factors are intrinsically linked with men’s fertility. If you would like to start a family, it’s important to keep in good health. If you’re a smoker, take steps immediately to give up the habit as smoking can take time to quit,” Cross said.

“Weight issues should also be managed, so that you are at a healthy weight for your size. Research has shown a link between heightened body mass index (BMI) and a decreased sperm count and sperm movement.

“Review and improve your diet. Remove fried, processed and fast foods from your life and opt for a healthy mix of fresh whole foods and lean meats.

“Engage in regular exercise and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Dehydration can impact bodily function. All of these things will help to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Even moderate exercise levels can increase levels of antioxidant enzymes in the body, which protects the sperm.”

Stress management

“Studies have shown that being stressed is a factor that contributes to decreased testosterone, lower sperm count, abnormal sperm production and decreased sperm motility,” Cross added.

“We all face stress on a daily basis, so it’s important to manage stress in a way that’s beneficial to you. Of course there is nothing like kicking back with a beer at the end of a long day at work, and having the occasional drink is unlikely to affect your fertility. However, heavy drinking can, and has been linked to decreased sperm quality and lower testosterone production.

“When focusing on bolstering your fertility, find natural stress management strategies that work for you.

“Perhaps you enjoy exercise, or have a hobby like music or fishing that you haven’t engaged in for a long time because life keeps getting in the way. Whatever it is, sort things out. Managing stress levels holistically is achievable and will improve your overall health and fertility.”


“Despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to get all the right nutrients our body needs especially when planning for a family,” Cross emphasised.

“There are specific nutrients that can assist in the production and motility of sperm. Look at adding a specially formulated supplement to your daily routine to support male fertility.

“Ideally opt for products that contain ingredients including the Epimedium Sagittatum plant and Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract. These ingredients are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support healthy libido in males while zinc supports mental function in healthy adults.”

Get enough sleep

“Many Australian adults have reported having significant problems with sleep. Between 33 percent and 45 percent of all adults have found it difficult to get enough sleep,” Cross added.

“In men, lack of sleep reduces sperm quality, so if you are having trouble with sleeping, it’s time to address the issue. We may not want to hear it but a lot of us are guilty of being too reliant on our devices to keep us entertained, which then leads to us not going to sleep and getting the rest our bodies need.

“It does require some discipline not to binge watch your favourite shows late into the night but keep in mind the health benefits you get from having a good night’s sleep.”

According to Cross, having healthy sperm improves the likelihood of falling pregnant.

“Healthy sperm is therefore important for conception and the health of your baby. Roughly half of infertility cases are due to problems with the man’s reproductive system and most men don’t give much thought to the quality of their sperm until they want to start a family,” Cross explained.

“It takes between three and four months to make new sperm, so it’s important to be as healthy as possible in the months leading up to conception.”

About EZZ Life Science

EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited (ASX:EZZ) is a genomic life science company with a mission to improve quality of life and human health. EZZ Life Science is passionate about investing in the future of consumer health and continues to add new products to their range, with plans to cover a wide range of market segments, including vitamin and dietary supplements, sports nutrition, weight management and wellbeing, herbal/traditional products and paediatric products.


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