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Why invest in EZZ Life Science Holdings

The Company is the exclusive wholesale distributor for the EAORON branded skin care range to pharmacies, supermarkets and specialist retailers in Australia and New Zealand and owns, produces, designs and distributes its own range of consumer health products under the EZZ brand.

The Company is led by an experienced senior management team that has implemented strategies to drive rapid and ongoing growth of the business. The Board’s Audit and Risk Committee will be closely managing the risks to ensure practical and responsive mitigation programs are implemented and multi-jurisdictional growth is managed accordingly.

The Company has two distinct and synergistic business models:

  • a wholesale distribution model for the EAORON branded products in the skin care segment; and
  • an integrated model including development, production and distribution for the EZZ branded products in the consumer health segment.

Synergy is created by selling the EZZ branded products to established distribution channels previously developed from selling the EAORON branded products.


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